Scream Awards press release

Scream Awards

With enough star power to light up the Los Angeles night sky, Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2010” will tape at the Greek Theatre on Saturday, October 16. The ultimate celebration of all things sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book, the 5th annual “SCREAM” is the first and only global event of its kind to honor and celebrate the hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped these genres. The two-hour event premieres on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 19 (9:00 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT).

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Gore It Up – 13 of the goriest films ever made

Horror gore movies

Staff member, Melissa Frolich, has submitted her latest article: Gore It Up – 13 of the goriest films ever made.

We all have seen that movie where you wake up the next morning still completely grossed out and still thinking about every wicked scene.

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Halloween Michael Myers 7-Inch Plush

Michael Myers plush

Now you can cuddle up with Michael Myers…if you dare! This Halloween Michael Myers 7-Inch plush is a cuddly, creepy way to get close to your favorite horror icons!

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Charmed #3 preview

Someone… or something is hunting down the innocents that have been saved by the Charmed ones and murdering them in cold blood.

As Piper, Phoebe and Page race to save the remaining innocents the forces of the underworld continue to gather the last remaining ingredients that will complete the ritual that will bring back the greatest foe the Charmed ones have ever faced. An enemy so powerful not even the power of three may be able to stop it from destroying us all.

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Incredible Hulks #615 preview

As the Hulk’s long-lost son Hiro-Kala rockets towards us across the solar system, Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers face a much more immediate threat — three tons of Incredible Hulks cutting loose right here on Planet Earth! Forced to choose between his son and his planet, whose side will the Hulk take? And how will that affect his fragile bonds with his savage son Skaar and his even more savage wife, the Red She-Hulk? No one can save you like your family. But no one can drive you crazier. And when you’re talking about a family of Hulks, it’s that second part that makes the whole world tremble in fear.

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Inferno #4 preview

Mercy Dante has battled through hordes of demons and been victorious each time with her soul and mind still intact. Worn down and tired she must now face her most difficult test yet…her own inner demons. As Mercy enters into the next ring of hell she comes face to face with her past actions and she must fight the urge to succumb to the insanity that surrounds her. She must either accept and to carry the burden of her past or succumb to the pits of hell for all eternity. Redemption is within her reach but the Inferno is relentless and no one before her has ever survived its evil.

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Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special

Ho ho ho ’tis the season.. for zombies! There will be more than just chestnuts roasting on an open fire as a large family gathers to celebrate the season, a raging snowstorm has buried their remote, mountain farmhouse in virgin snow, with no way in, and no way out. But a dark, despicable family secret that lay buried in the barn will not stay dead, and the resulting orgy of bloodshed, murder and cannibalism will transform this into anything but a silent night! Warn your children: This year, it is NOT Santa Clause coming down the chimney! Mike Wolfer provides the Regular edition cover, Raulo Caceres shares the spirit with the Wraparound cover, and twisted Matt Martin’s Gore cover spreads the Holiday cheer all over the floor.

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Predators iPhone game gets an update

Predators game

PREDATORS™’ just received an exciting (1.3) game update! Defend yourself against three powerful Berserker Predators, each determined to destroy your clan. Fend off the dangerous Tracker Predator with his ferocious dogs, the Falconer Predator and his vicious hawks, and then face off against the ultimate nemesis – the Super Black Predator. Defeat these brutal enemies with a brand new weapon, the Razor Whip – which makes it a breeze to entangle, lacerate and slice your enemies.

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Wolf Creek 2 movie news

Wolf Creek 2

Greg McLean is back in the director’s seat for Wolf Creek 2, the follow-up to his 2005 Outback terror flick.

John Jarratt is also reportedly returning as Mick Taylor, a deranged individual who loves to prey on campers.

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Black Mirror 3 to be published by Lace Mamba Global

Black Mirror 3 game

Brighton based publishers Lace Mamba Global are pleased to announce that they have signed an extension to their publishing agreement with dtp Entertainment for the release of Black Mirror 3.

Lace Mamba Global and dtp have worked together on a number of key releases over the last 12 months with the successful launches of products such as Black Mirror 2, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island and Memento Mori. The agreement will see Lace Mamba Global publish Black Mirror 3 in all English speaking territory.

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