Horror Comics Podcast – Episode 2 – Vampires

Horror comics pidcast
It’s Vampire comic topic week here at ComicMonsters.com. Join us and our newest member Dave, as we take a look at Vampire books. Talking about everything from Marvel’s Vampire titles, Blade, Hellsing, Vampirella and so much more. We try to cover it all and open the discussion to you. So stop on by the boards at ComicMonsters.com to discuss your love of Vampire Comics.

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Mummy Plush

Mummy Plush
If you see mommy and feel like a mummy, we’re sure you’ll want cuddle up with the crusty old Imhotep from The Mummy movies! This adorable Mummy plush measures approximately 7-inches tall.

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Zombrex Dead Rising Sun movie based on Dead Rising game

Zombrex Dead Rising Sun

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, today confirmed that Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, a motion picture inspired by the Dead Rising universe, will be distributed free of charge in both Europe and North America this summer.

Written and directed by Keiji Inafune, Capcom’s global head of research and development, Zombrex Dead Rising Sun follows two brothers as they try to escape the zombie outbreak that has hit Japan. Exploring the darker side of human nature and filmed entirely on location in Japan, Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, both pays homage to the zombie movies of the 1960s and ‘70s and provides links with the videogame world of Dead Rising .

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Haas Enters Red Riding Hood movie

Red Riding Hood movie
Lukas Haas (Mars Attacks!, Inception) is the latest addition to the cast of Red Riding Hood.

Catharine Hardwicke directs this gothic take on the fairy tale. The film is set again the backdrop of a village unsettled by the presence of a werewolf where a young girl is engaged to be married but falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.

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Remake Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons

The website for distributor E1 Entertainment has confirmed that Adam Gierasch’s remake of Night of the Demons is going to make its DVD and Blu-Ray debut on October 19.

A redo of Kevin Tenney’s ’80s cult classic, Gierasch’s film stars Diora Baird, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, Bobbi Sue Luther, John F. Beach, Michael Copon and Tiffany Shepis.

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Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2
According to sources, some theaters have just received the first teaser trailer of Paranormal Activity 2. It is very likely that the teaser will be attached to prints of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opening in theaters next Wednesday.. Shooting began rather recently and no cast members have been confirmed. The film opens on October 22.

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Plush Frankenstein Monster

Frankenstein Monster plush
This item is so great, we’re sure you’ll go to pieces for the cuddly Franknstein’s Monster from the Frankenstein movies! This adorable green-skinned monster plush measures approximately 7-inches tall.

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Deadpool Team-Up #892 preview

Soul Mates.’ What happens when a group of evil frat boys get their hands on the soul of one very angry and very powerful half demonic sorceress named Satana? And what happens when the only person that desperate sorceress can find to help her on such short notice is our lovable and slightly deranged Deadpool? Well, telling you would be telling, but if you listen real hard you might hear the distant chimes of…wedding bells!? Be there for the event of the season as Deadpool and Satana team up to descend into the Mighty Marvel underworld.

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Astonishing X-Men #34 preview

EXogenetic,’ part 4. Gruesome Bio-Sentinels. Genetically-augmented Brood. Someone is taking the X-Men’s biggest threats and making them nightmares. As Cyclops and his team struggle to survive long enough to confront the one responsible, their tormentor has something even more horrible awaiting them!

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Marvel Zombies 5 #4 preview

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